Soul Yantras - Your Unique Geometric Signature

How would you like to have your name, birthday and secret wish captured in a personal yantra or mandala that you can then use on your business card, company logo, tattoo, clothing print, or to carry around as your lucky charm? Now you can! Using the ancient systems of geomancy, magic squares and numerology we will create a digital file of your absolutely unique SOUL YANTRA, along with a numerology reading. You also have the option of having it professionally coloured as artwork you can hang in your office or home. Some clients have even used their SOUL YANTRA as a tattoo! PRICES: SOUL YANTRA (coloured digitial) = $120 NUMEROLOGY READING = $45 NUMEROLOGY READING + COLOURED SOUL YANTRA = $150 This service was inspired by the work of Jain 108 at who has dedicated the last 30 years in teaching the atomic art of magic squares, sacred geometry and vedic math.

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